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Get in touch on WhatsApp with Rahul (8108339909) or Saify (9930545552) if you have any questions. You will be added to the members' group on WhatsApp after you have remitted your membership dues.


(effective as of 2nd February 2023; subject to change without notice)

Lazy Rangers Motorcyclists Confederation ("LRMC NPO") is a registered non-profit organization which carries out social and community initiatives from time to time.

The eponymous Lazy Rangers Motorcycle Club is a community of motorcycling enthusiasts based in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & Pune, organized via various social media channels. Participants in this community actively support the LRMC NPO by organizing donations and performing volunteer work.


If you join LRMC, we WILL ask for your TIME! You MUST REMAIN ACTIVE.



It means... not just rides... You MUST remain active in conversations, in chat, in meetups, in our initiatives. Contribute with your ideas and efforts. Come up with suggestions. Introduce new ideas. Meet your fellow members. Build friendships and bonds.


  • We expect all members to pay annual membership dues (presently INR 999/- per year, but subject to change). This is NOT a fee, charge, etc.

  • We are a non-profit organization and you are not purchasing any goods or services by remitting your annual dues.

  • The annual dues are used for our running costs (annual audit, professional fees, website maintenance, etc.) and any excess amount is used for various social and community initiatives (for which we often do separate donation drives as well).

  • We reserve the right to reject your membership, in which case a refund of the membership dues amount will be sent to you.

LRMC is ​a structured, regimented and disciplined organization.


We are all about fun, but we are also quite serious about our cause and our endeavours.

We expect all members to behave responsibly in all aspects of life, including social media and chat.


Our reputation is founded on our discipline.


We do not tolerate any BS. 

Keep this in mind before you decide to join us.

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