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T-Shirt Designs

On this page you will find various t-shirt designs featuring LRMC motifs and some absolutely random stuff. We will build this collection from time to time.

All files are in TRANSPARENT PNG format.


VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!  You may not be able to see the white AND/OR black parts of the design on your phone. Don't be afraid!  :-)


When you send it to a vendor for printing (send the FILE, not image via WhatsApp), full design will be visible in their software. Download the design from the links below.


  • AYE VEDYA - Download here - Suitable for light coloured t-shirts

  • LRMC Ranger - Download here - Suitable for olive green or light coloured t-shirts

  • SASTA NASA - Download here - Suitable for t-shirts of all colours

  • EAT SLEEP RIDE REPEAT - Download here - Suitable for DARK coloured t-shirts

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