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Sunday, 14th February 2021



  • 14th February 2021 (Sunday)



  • Ride starts at 6:00 AM SHARP and ends at approx. 5:00 pm


Start Location?

  • Parking area behind Three Monkeys Statue, Kharghar (map link)

Ride Plan?

  • Experience and explore unknown trails around Tamhini Ghat

  • Learn group ride coordination

  • Basics of off-roading

  • Adv activities/speed control activities

  • Full photocover of the trails

  • Q&A


  • Riding gears are a must

  • Absolutely compulsory: helmet, riding jacket, riding gloves, jeans, knee guard, ankle length boots

  • Highly recommended: riding pants, riding boots

  • Riding gear policy is equally applicable to rider and pillion

  • Carry all legally required documentation for your motorcycle (paper or electronic form)

  • NO CONSUMPTION of alcohol or any other intoxicant

  • NO SMOKING at the breakfast table

  • NO SMOKING around non-smokers

  • Ignition ON means Helmet ON

  • No "chappri" type behaviour, rash riding, risky overtaking, etc.

  • You may be politely asked to leave the ride group if you violate these simple but essential rules.


  • Always wear a mask

  • Carry hand sanitizer

  • Self assess for fever, cold, etc. symptoms on the morning of the ride. Do not join if you have any such symptoms.


  • Absolutely ZERO fees or charges.

  • Cost of breakfast, snacks, tea/coffee, etc. will be split equally and is to be paid on the spot.

  • Riders are individually responsible for all other expenses (fuel, etc.)

This ride is being organized by our very own brother and LRMC member Pankaj Yadav, an experienced and seasoned rider and a veteran of our armed forces, to boot! Pankaj is the current official ride coordinator for LRMC and also operates a motorcycle touring company under the banner Moto Minutes