Maha Ride 2.0

No fee for ride or registration

The philosophy behind the Maha Ride is to bring the motorcycling community together on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Shri Shivaji Maharaj (which is a holiday across Maharashtra) and celebrate the occasion with a group ride to his place of birth, Shivneri Fort!


We also carry a message to create awareness about preservation of our historic and heritage sites and monuments. This year, we have collaborated with SHIVAJI TRAIL, a well known NGO which carries out restoration and awareness work at Shivneri Fort and other iconic sites.

Due to government restrictions pertaining to COVID-19, this ride will be held on 21st February (Sunday).

We welcome all clubs and all solo riders to participate in this ride. Groups have been organized from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

Date: Sunday, 21st February 2021

VENUE: Vadaj Dam Dhaba (near Junnar/Shivneri) (map link)

IMPORTANT: Please target reaching the final location latest by 9:00 am

For exact ride plan from your city, check the individual WhatsApp groups for Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.



- This is NOT a rally.
- We are not riding together in a large group. 
- We will not disrupt traffic. 
- We will not disturb the general public. 
- We will ride in small batches from the meetup point as directed by the organizers. 



- Please do not join the ride if you are showing any COVID-19

- Always wear a mask

- Carry hand sanitizer

- Avoid crowding together

- There is plenty of open space at the venue to maintain social distancing


- Breakfast will be provided to all riders.

- Poha, upma, sheera, omelette pao, bhurji pao, tea, coffee, etc.

- Rs. 50/- voluntary contribution


- No loud revving
- No pataka/backfire
- Observe the speed limit

- No intoxicants of any kind 
- Avoid smoking around general group
- No smoking in the breakfast area

DRESS CODE (100% COMPULSORY for Rider AND Pillion):
- Full Face helmet
- Full length jeans
- Thick jacket
- Shoes (preferably boots)
- Riding gloves (rider only)

- Riding jacket
- Riding pants
- Riding boots

- Chappals
- Canvas sneakers
- Half-face helmet
- Any kind of lower garment except full length denims.

Please note that this is NOT the sign up form.

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